Hoping Foundation

HOPING stands for Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation. Supporting Palestinian children is a real catalyst for change.

Lady Lexington

Louisa Marcq makes fabulous drawings. Louisa, Nick, Savile and Louis live in Suffolk, by the sea.

War Child

Warchild look forward to a world in which children's lives aren't torn apart by war. They aim to change the lives of tens of thousands of children, and campaign to improve the lives of millions more.

Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain is a charity set up by people with a passion for nature. We believe rewilding provides hope for the future for people and nature. Through rewilding we can start to reverse centuries of ecological damage. We can re-establish natural processes, reconnect with nature and regain wonder for the natural world.

My Hot Chip

The idea behind Hot Chip stems from the chip bars found in Belgium and Holland, where the chip is the hero and everything else plays second fiddle. The guys at Hot Chip felt the Great British chip also deserved centre stage, especially in a country where we love our chips. So Hot Chip was born.


Child abuse can have a devastating effect on a child’s development, with effects lasting into adulthood and affecting society; the NSPCC is here to prevent that abuse happening.

Rewilding Europe

To put it simply, we are working to make Europe a much wilder place. A continent that allows for much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural processes. Because we believe this is good for man and nature alike.


Inov-8 believe in taking running back to its most innate form, letting nothing alter the natural biomechanics of the foot and body. Natural running relies on the strength of the runner’s feet and legs rather than the cushioning or support of a shoe. The foot controls the shoe, not the other way around.

Future Trees

Future Trees aims to realize the economic, social and environmental benefits of broadleaved woodland by ensuring that by 2050 all broadleaved trees in Great Britain and Ireland are grown from seed that has been improved by FTT.


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