Giving Back to Nature

At Somerleyton, a conservation project is underway to return over 1000 acres of farmland to the wild. Since 2007 Somerleyton has been carefully managing the return of vast swathes of estate land to sustainable wildland. What was once a patchwork of farmed fields is now a nature restoration project roamed by deer, cattle, water buffalo, sheep, and ponies. Dozens of bird species once again make their homes here, and rare plants and shrubs thrive once more. The estate team loves to share the work we are doing with the guests so make sure you include a Jeep or Lake Safari in your itinerary or a guided foraging walk and see how the landscape is transforming.

Our commercial farming enables the estate to invest in nature restoration, but it has to be regenerative, putting back more into the soil than we take out. Similarly, the species we have reintroduced whether wild or farmed, are essential to eco-restoration. Their actions and natural behaviours are perfecto for reshaping the land back to the way nature intended it while providing an abundance of high-quality locally sourced produce for use in our kitchens.

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