Hall employee celebrated

Lord and Lady Somerleyton have hosted a long service celebratory reception for employee Dawn Howe who joined the team in 1979.

Dawn Howe joined Somerleyton Hall in 1979 and for many of those years has been providing guided tours to visitors at the hall.

Mrs Howe worked closely with the late Lady Belinda Somerleyton who used to do all of the buying for the shop where Dawn work until 1987.

She then moved to as a room steward, and would stand in one of the state rooms answering questions from visitors to the hall.

In 2007 she was promoted to head tour guide responsible for the team of guides taking tours, a role she still holds.

Mrs Howe said: “There are a couple of highlights that really stand out for me which include: meeting the Antiques Roadshow cast in 2009 and having dinner with them in the Loggia the night before filming the show.

The other was in 2010 when Somerleyton won Best Small Visitor Attraction at an awards ceremony that took place at Trinity Park in Suffolk”