Deer at Somerleyton

Somerleyton Estate trying to make Rewilding in East Anglia a reality

The countryside around Fritton Lake and the wider Somerleyton Estate are currently undergoing ‘rewilding’. This means the land is being restored to its natural uncultivated state. With naturalistic grazing systems set up to enrich the bio-diversity around both the Lake and Estate.

Lord Somerleyton has been working with Rewilding Britain, an organisation set up to restore wild nature and build a rewilding movement across Britain. “Rewilding means no intervention and the reintroduction of species in their natural habitats,” said Lord Somerleyton. “The crucial factor is allowing nature to dictate proceedings.”

The rewilding at Somerleyton featured in an article in the Lowestoft Journal this weekend. Read the article in full here.